In a security situation, rapid response is vital, so managing ship security alerts and tests with our application is both simple and fast.

Developed with CSOs, DPAs, and security personnel, our Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) management solution focuses on ensuring safety above all else, featuring streamlined processes and reduced visual distractions. 

The onboard SSAS hardware automatically displays alerts, tests, and position reports on the web-based SSAS Management service, providing all the necessary data to mitigate risk in the event of a security situation. 

Additionally, demonstrate regulatory compliance and improve security with a chronological archive of your fleet’s testing and alert activity, as well as proactively identifying procedural failures or areas for improvement.


  • Alerts without limits

Send to unlimited alert and test recipients, with unlimited editing of recipients, alert format selection, and delivery verification.


  • Alert trails

Receive easy-to-understand enhanced location overviews of where and when an alert was triggered.


  • Alert procedures

Minimise anxiety and maximise efficiency by being prepared with customised test alert profiles and an alert checklist of key tasks.


  • Closest ship

Check which ships are nearby instantly to divert them towards or away from the incident.


  • Large interactive maps

View C-Map, terrain, street and satellite options, alongside features such as zoom, pan, weather, zones and a distance measurement tool.


  • Hardware agnostic

Have a simple and consistent user experience, regardless of the hardware installed aboard the ship. 


Counter Piracy SSRS

Enhance the effectiveness of your SSAS Management module with Ship Security Reporting System (SSRS) for counter-piracy.

In the event of an incident, SSRS provides the most rapid covert method of alerting military assets, providing a direct link to the MSCHOA, UKMTO, and onwards to EU NAVFOR Somalia - Operation Atalanta, and participating naval forces responsible for maritime security in the Gulf of Aden and off the coast of Somalia.