09Apr We know Remote - We are here for you


TNL Group has embraced the digital services several years ago by implementing them into the provided range.

We have been supporting your fleet remotely with consistency and success, on a 24/7/365 basis, providing real-time remote troubleshooting and worldwide service coordination via our global network of trustworthy partners.

We have gained and developed in-depth experience and expertise in digital services of maritime safety, such as Vessel Tracking & Screening, SSAS Management, and LRIT testing, always copying successfully with the most demanding cases and incidents.

For assisting the shipping industry to streamline business and management processes and achieve greater efficiency and profitability, TNL also acts as an authorized distributor for the top market picks for e-Nautical publications and integrated charting solutions.

Finally, we know that the key-feature for smooth vessel operations is a well-trained and duly evaluated Crew. We put our trust into the latest innovative technology that offers computer-based Training (CBT), online Certification and platform-based psychometric Assessment Tests.

Embracing digital ways for maritime operations eliminates the risk of information gaps and supports organizations and employees in keeping track of their tasks.

If you wish to expand your knowledge of Digital shipping-industry solutions, let TNL introduce you to the cost-efficient and time-saving Digital Services.

Let's improve the way we work together thus ensuring that we will always remain competitive in a digital world.

We know "remote" - We are here for you.