12Nov TNL Group TOP European JRC Distributor for one more time!!


TNL Group wins the 1st position prize, for the second consecutive year, on annual turnover among all European distributors of JRC Europe for 2021. Despite the difficulties caused by the covid-19 pandemic and all the new conditions implied, the year closes with a great success, recognized by our main principal, for which we proudly stand in the market, JRC | Alphatron Marine.


Together, you and we have worked continuously hard to provide your vessels and your people on board with the highest level of support at all levels under the most challenging conditions. Delivering is our motivation, and your satisfaction is our inspiration. We, together, have succeeded, undoubtedly, in materializing what we state so clear with our logo: That your efficient and operative bridge of your vessels is our ultimate mission. This won prize is the realization that hard work and teamwork can bring great results.


We honestly and sincerely thank you because, most of all, your trust in us makes us what we are today!!


JRC' Anna Marini between John Mourkovitis and George Daratzis of TNL

The Winner's Prize