20Mar TNL announcement about Covid-19 outbreak

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Dear Business Partners,

The recent outburst of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) has presented significant challenges to many businesses and, inevitably, the International markets like Shipping. Since the first moments, TNL has responsibly taken all necessary measures and precautions to ensure that:

  1. Our staff and their families, our business partners and friends remain safe and healthy
  2. The level of the support we provide you with will not drop from the high standards you are used to receiving

Within these circumstances, we would like to inform you that so far we have no reported cases of Covid-19 in any of our facilities and that all our people, office employees and electronics engineers, remain fully healthy. It seems that our taken preventive measures, listed below, contributed effectively to positive results:

  1. All the official instructions with precautions that have been announced by the World Health Organization and the National Health bodies have been instated on several positions in the company.
  2. Intensification of our employees’ personal hygiene, encouraging everybody to wash their hands as often as possible and use the antiseptics spared in several positions within the company.
  3. We have organized and carried out disinfection of all our facilities and the commonly used places of the building using the ULV cold fog technique.
  4. All rooms have been equipped with air purifier units in order to maximize the quality of our working environment.
  5. From the very first moment, our engineers are prevented from travelling abroad or to places that have been seriously hit by the coronavirus disease.
  6. All employees who face special health conditions are suggested to work from home so to eliminate the possibilities to be affected by a random carrier.
  7. All business meetings are performed via teleconferencing as no incoming visits of any type are allowed to be held in our offices, except those providing the very basic office supplies, and only given that they meet the personal hygiene precautions.

We strongly believe that remaining calm is vital and provides us with the clarity to defend this crisis. We do not panic, nor do we compromise to setting our health as priority and we strictly follow the rules as instructed by all official bodies.

At the same time, we pay our utmost efforts to keep our level of supporting your fleet to the highest standards, as we are really committed to this: Your Bridge, Our Mission.

Let’s stay healthy, let’s keep the vessels sailing.