12Mar Start your Digital Voyage with JRC JCY-1900 VDR


JCY-1900 is the perfect VDR for refitting your old costly system. The JCY-1900 is JRC’s 4th generation VDR and is a proven, stable and sustainable solution. It has the lowest lifecycle cost and is easy to install by the JRC global dealer network. Using the VDR as the ship’s server and sending the data through highly stable satellite communications, the onshore fleet management can monitor its data.



The JCY-1900 uses the uniquely designed and fabricated, reliable, marinized hardware, with an easy IP based format, purposely made for VDR. It uses a 7-inch color LCD touch display which allows full system operation and display of all VDR alerts with detailed information.The system enables sensors' status monitoring, display of the recorded image data of radar and ECDIS and playback of audio tracks got from microphones. These data and information can now be available to ship operators via the innovative digital services bouquet launched by JRC.

Smart Ship Viewer (SSV)

  • Browse through the movements of managed ships
  • Status of JRC equipment
  • Efficient navigation management
  • Avoidance of unexpected equipment problems

Remote Maintenance System (RMS)

  • Onboard equipment performance and functionality monitoring system
  • Safe remote assistance
  • Limit downtime


When the vessel experiences equipment errors, the vessel operator is immediately aware and given a chance to take immediate actions when a JRC engineer can provide online technical support on a 24/7 basis via the innovative applications launched. This way, the vessels can enjoy safe remote assistance and limited operation downtime.