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Sealink Maritime VSAT

Characterized by flexibility, performance, stability and quality of service, our Sealink portfolio of versatile VSAT services provide broadband communications with the best global coverage, backed by our expert customer support network. Since different ship owners have different requirements, for full flexibility, two service packages are offered: Sealink Allowances and Sealink Premium. Both are available with varying options and tiers including Sealink Flex for regional and seasonal flexibility, and Sealink Plus for fully integrated MSS back up and XChange. For business critical communications and higher data users, we can also further customise Sealink to meet even most specific demands.


Sealink Allowances

Sealink Allowances comprise a choice of competitively priced data allowance plans for 2-4 voice lines, always-on Internet, email and IP-based services ideal for business and crew communications in one package. With data allowance plans from 1 Gigabyte (GB) up to 80 GB per month, and data speeds of up to 3 Mbps, this low-cost Internet service is ideal for basic business requirements and for ship operators wishing to boost crew morale and optimise crew retention. As your business grows, our packages enable your VSAT to easily grow with you, since packages can be simply upgraded or topped up via our online portal. Read more here


Sealink Premium

Highest Speed VSAT with Guaranteed Data Rates

For more advanced communication requirements, Sealink Premium offers regional and global Ku-band VSAT with higher data speeds. As well as providing a predictable monthly cost, Sealink Premium gives you bandwidth control as a Committed Information Rate (CIR) which establishes a minimum bandwidth guarantee. This service is ideal for ship operators seeking high quality, reliable and unlimited communications for business critical applications and crew, with full cost predictability. Read more here


Sealink Customized

Ultimate flexibility. Tailored to your needs. Sealink is one of the only maritime VSAT solutions on the market which can be fully tailored to meet your specific requirements, with services for crew welfare, passengers, contractors, partners or clients. It provides flexible broadband communications with global coverage, tailored to your needs and backed by Marlink’s expert customer support network. Bandwidth is also customised to include a specified bandwidth bit rate. With a Marlink managed end-to-end customised solution, you get the quality, reliability and flexibility to meet all of your communication needs. Read more here


Sealink Flex

Using a choice of industry-leading Ku-band antennas, Sealink Flex combines high performance VSAT with added flexibility making it the ideal connectivity option for seasonal users. Sealink Flex enables fast, high-performing and cost effective communications with bandwidth up to 6 Mbps, with seasonal usage options and possibilities for regional changes, bandwidth upgrades and bandwidth downgrades. Read more here


Sealink Plus

Marlink’s Sealink™ Plus packages combine your choice of a Sealink Allowance or Sealink Premium plan (with guaranteed speeds), with unlimited Iridium OpenPort or Inmarsat FleetBroadband MSS back-up (airtime and hardware included) for ship’s business; compact stabilized antennas for rapid installations, and our XChange platform providing centralized VoIP, data and Internet access. Plus a catalogue of fully integrated Value Added Services to complement your connectivity. This service is ideal for shipping companies seeking a full package of high quality, reliable and unlimited communications for business and crew, with full cost predictability and efficient administration and cost management tools. Read more here

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Total Support 24/7

TNL Greece operates a perfectly organised Suport Team providing integrated technical assistance to our customers' fleets. >On-board technical and surveying services by our highly expertise electronics engineers. >Professional service coordination by the wider and most reliable global service network. >24/7 remote technical assistance to support your needs for urgent matters for both Sat-Com and Navigation issues.

Spare parts
TNL Greece keeps a wide range of spare parts, including magnetrons, marine antennas, several type batteries, HRUs, S-VDR beacons and many others, not only to provide competitive end user prices but to meet top urgent requisitions and off-the-shelf repairs and service attendances in Piraeus area. Utilizing the capabilities of our service network, we can also deliver effectively most of the spare parts almost at any known port globally.
Green a Blue World
Greening the Blue Economy does not just make environmental sense, it is essential to prove the social responsibiltity of the whole maritime economy. TNL Greece is not only providing Integrated solutions to its clientele for Navigation & Sat-Com, but pays utmost efforts those to be also "environmental friendly". Integrating innovative services and BWMS in our product range is our steps toward this direction.

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