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Quality Policy


ISO_9001 small.jpgTNL Greece SA’s quality policy is to sustain a continuous profitable growth providing products and services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.



The desired level of quality is being achieved by recording and constantly reviewing the corporate procedures that reflect the competence of the company in relation to our total business operation. This includes all current and potential customers, all manufacturers that we represent, as well as the independent auditing authorities. Additionally, the personnel of TNL Greece, who are all individually responsible for the quality of their works, they stay focused on the foundation of the company’s Quality Policy that is “to keep improving the working environment for all, everyday”. The Managing Director along with the Quality Manager explains to each employee the spirit of the firm’s quality policy at the day of their employment. In order to maintain the level of the assurance, the Managing Director retains the responsibility for the Quality System supervising the annual internal audits performed by the Quality Manager.



TNL Greece SA is committed to a quality policy that ensures that the distributed products and services shall meet the existing and the potential customers’ requirements at all times.



Highly qualitative, politely offered, timely delivered, professionally supported products & services, every time to everybody



The quality policy demands the total involvement of all the employees and clear communication of the principles and the objectives concerned. New technology and practices are applied, supported by specialized training where necessary, to ensure that the successful implementation is achieved, and we can continuously move towards our goal, keeping down to zero the “defects” rate. For all the employees and the management staff, quality is a priority and our quality culture is strategically based on:



  • Education: a continuous upgrading of skills, particularly of our Technical Department that has a direct impact on the products’ support and the services’ quality.


  • Quality Management System: established and certified in accordance with the ISO standards and continuous review of its efficiency and effectiveness.


  • Products and Services quality continuous improvement in terms of safety, functionality, and serviceability and the delivered quality in terms of time and price competitiveness.


  • Process approach where regular monitoring of the system performances, factual analyses and market feedback information are the base for effective decision making and constant improvement at all levels.


  • Mutually beneficial to suppliers and other business partners relationships.


  • Strictly follow the legislation and the International Bodies’ regulation.
Total Support 24/7

TNL Greece operates a perfectly organised Suport Team providing integrated technical assistance to our customers' fleets. >On-board technical and surveying services by our highly expertise electronics engineers. >Professional service coordination by the wider and most reliable global service network. >24/7 remote technical assistance to support your needs for urgent matters for both Sat-Com and Navigation issues.

Spare parts
TNL Greece keeps a wide range of spare parts, including magnetrons, marine antennas, several type batteries, HRUs, S-VDR beacons and many others, not only to provide competitive end user prices but to meet top urgent requisitions and off-the-shelf repairs and service attendances in Piraeus area. Utilizing the capabilities of our service network, we can also deliver effectively most of the spare parts almost at any known port globally.
Green a Blue World
Greening the Blue Economy does not just make environmental sense, it is essential to prove the social responsibiltity of the whole maritime economy. TNL Greece is not only providing Integrated solutions to its clientele for Navigation & Sat-Com, but pays utmost efforts those to be also "environmental friendly". Integrating innovative services and BWMS in our product range is our steps toward this direction.

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