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Pontos (PAYS & VTS)

Pontos is the most efficient, flexible and user friendly bundle of charting services providing an integrated “Pay As You Sail” solution combined with a comprehensive “Vessel Tracking System” platform. Pontos, being designed and developed by DMC, is typed approved by DNV-GL, and it's being distributed in the Greek Market by TNL Greece.


Pontos provides “Safety for the vessel and Savings in the operations, both on-board and ashore”. Pontos has been designed and developed by DMC, in a way to combine User Friendliness, Operations efficiency and Up-to-date Intelligence!


Add Safety:

  • The vessel is equipped with the complete World ENCs folio, fully licensed. This allows the Master to accurately draw any passage plan around the world, but most importantly to sail safely wherever the vessel is asked to go, any time and any day of the year, without limitations.
  • The vessel’s Master is just “3 clicks and 3 mins” away of having the intended ENCs fully updated using the innovative Pontos application.
  • All the “non-PAYS” ENCs are provisionally and automatically reported by the vessel, and the corresponding permits are sent on board in advance.
  • Pontos PAYS is available anywhere the vessel’s communications system is connected; almost any corner of the world.
  • Pontos PAYS & VTS is fully adaptive to Tablets and Smartphones to ensure accessibility beyond offices’ limitations.

Save Money:

  • Pontos is designed to operate without the need to install any Hardware on board. Everything is included on the Pontos-USB.
  • The vessel is equipped with the world ENCs folio but it's being charged only for those charts that is reported to use. There are studies that prove that the Actual ENCs cost is reduced at an average of 30% using a “PAYS” system.
  • The time-consuming process of compiling ENC folios is totally removed from both on-board and ashore.
  • Pontos completely eliminates all the transportation expenses and other relative fees that occur using paper charts or typical ENCs with CDs/DVDs due to that everything is happening on-line using the Pontos-USB.
  • Pontos provides completely “Free of Charge” a sophisticated Vessel Tracking System, providing a plethora of useful information that constitute the critical background for prompt decision making.
  • In contrary to other similar services, Pontos requires less than 30Mb of your Satellite data per year, both for reporting and ENCs Updating.


Pontos incorporates an extremely user friendly Vessel Tracking System, which apart from typical vessel monitoring the managers can enjoy a plethora of useful, and sometimes critical, information:

  • Standard position reporting every 15 mins in the platform. Configurable frequency of reporting emails
  • Nautical charts background layer and multilayer options of Google maps.
  • Lat-Lon, Heading, Distance from last poll, Average speed on a click
  • Vessels’ type discrimination by display color
  • Easy and unlimited access to vessel’s historical positions
  • Current weather information and forecast on a 3-hours basis at the vessel’s position, at any port and at any position globally
  • Weather log per vessel for the last month
  • Easily configurable reporting formats providing Fleet List & IMO number, current position, heading and average speed, Distance & Speed per day per vessel.
  • Extractable reports to common formats: xls, xml, txt etc.
  • Graphical illustration of meteorological information all around the globe:
    • Satellite Infrared
    • Significant wave height
    • Peak wave period
    • Wind 10m above surface
    • Precipitation and MSLP
    • Air temperature
    • Sea surface temperature
  • Graphical illustration Global Navigation Warnings
  • Graphical illustration of most recent piracy events
  • Searchable synoptic and analytical Ports’ information
  • Editable text notes for on vessels and ports, for your own intelligence


Pontos provides all the information needed for prompt decision making any time. It’s constantly moving forward adapting to the users’ requirements offering new features and services based on the customers’ feedback.

You are always welcome to ask us to provide you with a live demonstration of Pontos, discuss on the  that matches best your charting needs and get a Free Trial of our solution.

The Pontos dedicated website and Portal Login:

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  • Pontos (PAYS & VTS) 2
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TNL Greece operates a perfectly organised Suport Team providing integrated technical assistance to our customers' fleets. >On-board technical and surveying services by our highly expertise electronics engineers. >Professional service coordination by the wider and most reliable global service network. >24/7 remote technical assistance to support your needs for urgent matters for both Sat-Com and Navigation issues.

Spare parts
TNL Greece keeps a wide range of spare parts, including magnetrons, marine antennas, several type batteries, HRUs, S-VDR beacons and many others, not only to provide competitive end user prices but to meet top urgent requisitions and off-the-shelf repairs and service attendances in Piraeus area. Utilizing the capabilities of our service network, we can also deliver effectively most of the spare parts almost at any known port globally.
Green a Blue World
Greening the Blue Economy does not just make environmental sense, it is essential to prove the social responsibiltity of the whole maritime economy. TNL Greece is not only providing Integrated solutions to its clientele for Navigation & Sat-Com, but pays utmost efforts those to be also "environmental friendly". Integrating innovative services and BWMS in our product range is our steps toward this direction.

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